About Kerri

I’m excited to get to know you! My heart is to see people share the stories only they can tell and experience freedom that comes from healing issues of the past. I began my own counseling journey well over a decade ago when I was struggling to function in my daily life due to debilitating anxiety. Through the counseling process, I was forever changed and now feel a call to journey with others and share the care that I so graciously received in my own time of great need.

During my undergrad years, I had worked with a few counselors where I learned ways to cope with my building anxiety and examine my thoughts. While I enjoyed having 50 minutes devoted to talking about myself, I never addressed the root of what was causing my constant fear. This was when I met with a counselor who was different from the others I had worked with. My new counselor brought the gospel into our sessions by opening the door for an experience of God I had never known. It was through an integration of faith into therapy where the Lord dug up the roots of my unhealthy behaviors and difficult emotions and allowed true freedom and joy to take their place. While I am still on the journey, I am forever changed by my experience of getting to know the Lord on an emotional/heart level in counseling.

Out of my own experience, I wanted to provide a professional resource for those who are struggling with a variety of emotional and relational issues. I have been leading emotional healing groups and working with people one-on-one to address the pain in their lives for the last four years. I love this work! It has been nothing but a gift to watch the Lord set people free and give them new hope were there once was none.

I’m also a wife and mom of two young children. I know the struggle of marriage pain and the vulnerability of being a mother and the great joy of both as well. I enjoy running for stress relief and am terrible at any sport that involves a ball or coordination. For fun, I like making and eating desserts, drinking good coffee, going to the beach, and taking naps.

 For all of you personality profile types out there, here's all you need to know:

Meyers-Briggs: INFP

Enneagram: 4


 My Instagram: Kerri__Chamberlain