I am currently in-network with:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

United Behavioral Health/Optum


About Matt


Thank you for visiting my bio page on the Caring Well Counseling Website. I began Caring Well Counseling after working in professional ministry for 6 years. I met with many men and women who were struggling with issues related to sexuality while working with Hole in My Heart Ministries, a non-profit that I helped start with my wife, Laurie.

Through our own wrestling with issues of sexuality in our  marriage we saw the need to have a powerful support system around us, and I am passionate to see other people develop connected and thriving lives where they no longer need to hide these places that have been sources of shame in the past. It was with this in mind that I wanted to create a professional resource for people to connect with in times of hardship.

Outside of counseling I am a devoted husband to my wife, and father of two precious daughters. I am an avid follower of most sports. I am a lover of sci-fi/fantasy novels, a budding handyman and woodworker. Somewhat ironically given my profession, I'm an introvert that likes to be in nature to recharge. 

For all of you personality profile types out there, here's all you need to know:

  • ISTP/J

  • 9 wing 8

  • C

  • Ravenclaw